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Genuine People,  Genuine Results:  Genuine Commerce

IT professionals often lament how hard it is to find consultants and contractors who can bring together really good customer service, technical know-how, and business savvy.  Our team is made up of engineers and architects who not only are extremely talented technically, they also take the long view.  They treat your systems, people, and business problems with the same care and urgency as if they were their own.  

If you have project or staffing needs around B2B or are running into a performance issue, we'd love to help.  Just contact us for a free initial consultation.



Paul Barczak
President and Principal Consultant 

Managed File Transfer

You have data security, big data, and b2b protocol needs.  Managed File Transfer is the solution to these and other file transfer challenges.  


Performance Engineering

Your systems are complex.  We're down to earth.   We've helped teams craft high-performance solutions for 25 years, through all stages - design, implementation, testing, and in rescue situations.  


IBM Service Partner

Our experts are called on time and again to assist with IBMs most difficult, complex system rescues and performance improvement projects.


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